there’s not a “you will do this, this and this” approach – allowing people to make their own decisions on actions.



Our interactive training sessions are designed to feel like a conversation you actively want to join. We know it’s not always easy discussing workplace Diversity and Inclusion. Maybe you’re at the beginning of exploration for this topic and don’t know what to say, maybe you’re working hard on learning to be a better ally as a leader or as a colleague, or maybe you’ve experienced some form of exclusion at work for your whole career. Altogether Diffrerent’s sessions use specialised techniques to bridge these divides– to help us talk openly, to help us all understand each other and build empathy around what we can all do to be more inclusive at work.

Because of our global client base, most of our sessions are virtual – but if you’d like to arrange something in person – we offer that too.

We partner with artists, facilitators and thought leaders from underrepresented communities to produce fresh and engaging workshops – bringing about genuine felt empathy for diversity. From one-hour workshops to six-week Leadership programmes, there is something for everyone. Check out some of most popular programmes: