Leading inclusively

An award-nominated, two-part programme helping leaders understand their crucial role in creating and supporting cultures of inclusion in their teams. The programme is practical, empathy-building and covers a broad intersectional view of workplace diversity and inclusion. Leaders who participate in this virtual and expert facilitated programme frequently report how this programme was a complete ‘game-changer’ in their understanding and accountability for Diversity & Inclusion. The online, fully interactive programme covers:

  • Why include – the importance of leaders as role models
  • Exploring privilege and bias, and barriers experienced by people in minorities in your workplace
  • Understanding microagressions and how they affect people
  • What you can do – Understanding allyship – with practical examples and scenarios
  • Self-complete fieldwork to build empathy for previously unexplored diversity areas
  • Respectful language
  • Practical tips to be inclusion-lead


Duration – Average 6 weeks including 3 hour facilitated intro, fieldwork and wrap up sessions


ABF Grocery Group comprises household names such as Silver Spoon Sugar, Ryvita, Kingsmill, Jordans and totals over 40,000 employees. The HR leadership, along with support from the CEO, Sarah Arrowsmith partnered with Altogether Different to devise a powerful, empathy building leadership programme ‘Leading Inclusively’

The aim of the two-part programme, split over six weeks, were to build empathy with the challenges faced by people in minorities in the organisation, provide a safe space for uncomfortable conversations and change mindsets, enabling leaders to become better allies and practice inclusion-focused leadership. The programme featured six weeks of self-study fieldwork between sessions, allowing the leaders to deep dive into areas of diversity of their choosing, making sure they were moving beyond their ‘comfort zones’

The innovative programme was nominated for a prestigious CIPD Award for ‘Best Learning and Development initiative’ in 2020 because of the way that it encouraged leaders to reflect on their personal biases, explore the role of their own privilege and equip leaders with practical tools needed to have healthy, informed conversations about diversity issues with their teams.

Resulting Leader-initiated actions:

  • Installing prayer rooms across the business
  • Translating safety instructions into multiple languages
  • Reaching out to LGBTQ+ community showing humility and increased allyship
  • Designing new factory buildings with multiple genders in mind – not only men
  • Engaged in conversations about inclusion with their frontline teams

“With the benefit of Charlotte’s expertise, we developed an innovative, immersive programme, designed to help leaders in our business to challenge their thinking and create an inclusive environment where everybody can be at their best. The style in delivering the programme was a great balance between straight talking and empathy – whilst bringing knowledge and expertise to bear. It was a real pleasure to work with Charlotte – always feeling like a partnership and that she too was invested in us achieving positive change and a great outcome for our business”.

Laura Haviland, Group Head of People and Performance Associated British Foods Plc

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