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Hi I’m Alara Adali and I’m the editor of Altogether Different’s monthly newsletter. Every month I source brand new, impactful content to help build empathy for difference in the workplace.

My background, working across international boundaries with refugee charities, means I’m always looking out for stories that help us all view the world from a different perspective. Sign up for interviews, practical tips for workplace inclusion and links to must-read diversity-led content.


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July 2022 – Listening and Empathy
The importance of listening and compassion in building empathy in the workplace. We are celebrating World Listening Day on 18th July.

June 2022 – LGBTQ+ Refugees & Asylum seekers
In honor of Pride Month we look at stories of queer migration from around the world. We learn more about how to be better allies to the causes of LGBTQ+ refugees and asylum seekers.

May 2022 – Mental Health
We look at the mental health issues men struggle with the most such as depression and anxiety as well as what masculinity means.

April 2022 – Neurodiversity
In honour of World Autism Awareness Day on 2nd April, we are focusing on neurodiversity as our topic. We are looking at different ways of being inclusive towards neurodivergent employees in the workplace.

March 2022 – International Women’s Day
We are focusing on women in the workplace and gender equality as we celebrate International Women’s Day on 8th March and Women’s History Month in the UK.

February 2022 – Race
The topic for this edition is race. We look at the experiences of people of colour in the workplace, the challenges they face and actions that can be taken to make everyone feel that they belong in the workplace.