Inclusion with empathy

If you’re looking for a workshop to ground yourself or your team in the basics of workplace inclusion, look no further.

Using techniques honed by our expert facilitators, Altogether Different’s ‘Inclusion with Empathy’ workshop is perfect for a one-off session for a small team or an organisation-wide roll out. The interactive, guided conversation helps build empathy amongst participants, engaging them in their role in creating an inclusive workplace.

Each interactive, virtual workshop covers:

  • What do we mean by Diversity, Equity and Inclusion?
  • Why is workplace inclusion important?
  • What stops us being inclusive?
  • What can we do as individuals to remove barriers?
  • Practical tips and commitments

90 mins – 2 hours (Dependent on your time requirements)


Simply Business, a fast-moving insurance B Corp partnered with Altogether Different to encourage all employees to have action-focused conversations about workplace inclusion.

Backed by a leadership team, highly committed to increasing diversity in the organisation, Simply Business rolled out an organisation-wide initiative for all employees in the UK, US and Europe. The Inclusion with empathy sessions are designed to be interactive, fun but informative giving people the chance to share experiences of what it feels like to be in a minority or simply just to listen – rounding off with practical tips and pointers for everyone on creating an inclusive working environment.

The result, trust in managers increased significantly – belonging scores rose and new joiners to the organisation all know from the outset that being inclusive, creating a safe and equal environment for each other, is a key component of the company culture.

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