The secret to game-changing workplace inclusion is Empathy

Diversity training only goes so far. If your team isn’t truly bought-in to the importance of an inclusive working environment, then culture change just won’t happen. Pay gaps will persist, future-focused talent will continue to leave, and growth will stagnate. 

Altogether Different specialises in building empathy for genuine workplace inclusion amongst employees.

EMPATHY – The catalyst to inclusion

Altogether Different’s non-judgemental, empathy-building services bring out genuine commitment to inclusion from your team. We cover the traditional diversity topics like unconscious bias and the case for inclusion, but this isn’t standard diversity training. Our success comes from the innovative empathy-building techniques we use to inspire uniting exchanges and genuinely shift perspectives. The result – people truly ‘getting’ why diversity, of all different kinds, is vital in today’s workplace and what’s more, genuinely working together to achieve it.

“An excellent way of dragging us out of our comfort zone”

HR Director, Silver Spoon

“So useful to take a step back and look through the perspective of others. The feedback was unanimously positive. A practical starting point for personal commitment to inclusivity.”

Head of Technology Communications, Sky

We work with some of the world’s most forward thinking organisations who know that with inclusive teams come diverse perspectives, better attuned to the needs and opportunities of our constantly changing world. The successful teams of tomorrow will be those that foster cultures of empathy and diversity today. Altogether Different is here to help – get in touch today.


Who are we?


Altogether Different offers training experiences, creative events, consultancy and partnerships to encourage workplace diversity and inclusion.






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Bringing diversity + inclusion
to life in your workplace


Hoping to reduce the limiting effects of Unconscious Bias? Or maybe get people on board with the collective benefits of diversity. Altogether Different workshops are informative, engaging and thought-provoking. A mixture of presentation and storytelling, we encourage people to share ideas about what diversity means to them, building a greater sense of empathy and respect for the power of an inclusive culture.


Start conversations about diversity and inclusion in creative and meaningful ways through powerful shared experiences. Altogether Different works with you to find the perfect bubble-bursting experience to help your team engage with, and around, diversity. Maybe it’s a tour round a ‘superdiversity’ High Street, or a talk with inspiring entrepreneurs, or powerful creative group exercises to get people inspired by workplace inclusion. Get out of the classroom to a world with limitless potential to inspire real change.


If you’d like to experience the innovation-boosting effects of a diverse team in action, or simply want to bring some of the outside in, Altogether Different helps inspire new ideas for you and your team. Our advisory service draws on over 15 years experience of workplace culture consultancy. We work closely and inituitivly with our clients to provide them with creative solutions to inclusion challenges.

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I liked the open forum and how everyone talked about a time when they felt biased towards

ParticipantUnconscious Bias Workshop

It felt like everyone came together.

MDDesign Business

It opened my eyes.

FounderTech Company

The use of examples and illustrations of the theory made it easier to remember.

ParticipantUnconscious Bias Workshop

Hearing other people’s experiences was really powerful.

ParticipantUnconscious Bias Workshop

I’ve thought back to the training on several occasions to parts of since attending.

ParticipantUnconscious Bias Workshop

Thank you for a great session. I found it really interesting with lots of food for thought and really enjoyed meeting such a great mix of people.

ParticipantIdeas Lab

Each time I speak with Charlotte I learn something new

Cara Bendon

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