Visible:In at Art Licks Weekend


At Altogether Different we’re big believers in show not tell – and that’s why we believe you’re much more likely to have a meaningful interaction from art or experience than simply reading about diversity issues. When we came across artist Lea Nagano’s powerful exhibition ‘MIXEDNESS’ a few months ago, we felt passionate about sharing her message and unique voice with others. In this collection, German-Japanese Lea offers insights into the complexity of mixed-race perceptions, and initiates a dialogue about how race constructs identities.

British-Ghanaian artist Heather Agyepong stages self-portraits to re-enact the story of Lady Sarah Forbes Bonetta, an African girl who was ‘gifted’ to Queen Victoria to highlight issues of racism, objectification and perceptions of the ‘African Princess’.

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve partnered with Seen Fifteen gallery to host a joint exhibition Visible:InVisible:In is an exhibition of photography, video installations and live performance and is one of the exhibitors at Art Licks Weekend 2016.


Visit:  Seen Fifteen gallery (Bussey Building, SE15)
Site: Art Licks Weekend
Dates: Sept 29 – Oct 2