We’re not big on PowerPoints and flip charts. We like to really engage the group in discussion around diversity and inclusion issues so that by the end of the session everyone shares a sense of connection and empathy. We do this through a variety of workshops, events and immersive experiences.






Exploring Unconscious Bias

Everyone has unconscious biases. Throughout human evolution, the snap judgements our species have made in order to survive have led to hard-wired thought patterns based on seeking safety in what reminds us of ourselves. In a modern day context, this means we often miss opportunities as we unconsciously disregard that which is ‘unknown’ or different. Limiting stereotypes are born of unconscious bias when we, often unknowingly, group people into rough and inaccurate categories based on their physical characteristics.


Exploring Unconscious Bias is a training workshop for teams to understand what unconscious bias is, the science behind the phenomenon, how it limits our opportunities and our thinking and how we can start to overcome it. All organisations face diversity issues, be that around gender equality, LGBT representation, age, ethnicity, physical ability or socio-economic background. Exploring Unconscious Bias creates a level playing field for discussion about the equality issues we might not otherwise feel comfortable discussing.

The workshop builds empathy and guides the group through a facilitated, positive conversation that results in practical and personal accountability for change. From this exchange comes the opportunity to shape progressive company policies, more considerate of the nuances of a fully representative workplace.

Lead With Diversity

Leadership commitment to creating an inclusive organisation can be as difficult to achieve as it is necessary. Despite the irrefutable evidence showing the business benefits of a diverse workforce, traditional methods of discussing diversity have left a legacy of dry, ‘2D thinking’, based on company make up and physical characteristics alone. It’s time to take conversations into 3D, to consider how diversity of thought and life experiences can drive innovation in a rapidly changing world. Talk to us about how we’ve helped leadership teams drive innovation and boost performance by becoming active advocates for diversity and inclusion.


The Diversity for Innovation workshop focuses on:

  • Building a shared understanding of the positive benefits of a diverse workforce/wider organisational network
  • The compelling business case for diverse workforces – examples and data linking employee diversity to increased profits
  • Engaging in a thought-provoking discussion about what ‘diversity’ means and uncovering current barriers to inclusion
  • Suggesting practical solutions to overcome these barriers, both personally and as an organisation

Practical Routes to Inclusion

An inclusive culture is an innovative culture, but how truly inclusive are we? Do we allow personal authenticity or do we prefer an out-dated corporate ‘norm’? This workshop looks at how societally representative we are as an organisation (age, 
gender, LGBT, ethnicity, caring responsibility). Do we represent our customers or end users? Do we encourage personal authenticity?


Working in small groups we explore situations that can lead to exclusion or curtail authenticity and suggest ideas to personally and collectively overcome the barriers.

Participants will engage in empathy-building exercises, to help understand each other better, and work collectively to explore and encourage a culture of inclusion. Each participant will come away with practical tips to encourage better cross-cultural collaboration and personal authenticity.

To find out more about any of the above, please get in touch with and she’ll send you more in-depth information tailored to your needs.

All of the above topics are available as in-house workshops, open forum presentations or public courses.

Arts Experiences


Immersive Theatre – Drama Based Experiences

Immersive theatre is an eye-opening way to shift attitudes, by engaging your team more fully in the diversity and inclusion issues experienced day-to-day in the workplace.

By interacting with professional actors, who are depicting a particular diversity related scenario, your team will be immersed in familiar situations where they can witness first hand how language and outlook shape the way we feel at work.

Led by Damian Lynch, our team are trained in diversity and inclusion facilitation, and will work with you to devise immersive scenarios to get crucial and often sensitive points across, in a fun, non-accusatory and meaningful way.


Do you struggle to get the best from introverts? Paint a picture using actors to show how overbearing and cliquey ‘majority’ behaviour can curtail innovation; the first step in fostering a new, more inclusive work culture.

Is your workplace inclusive towards parents or people returning from parental leave? Perhaps you could draw on examples given by your own team, portrayed by actors to highlight biases and barriers.

Does unconscious bias creep in to day-to-day culture and policies? Immersive theatre can help depict how seemingly small comments can ‘play out’ to form limiting stereotypes at work.

Damian is very experienced in drama-based training, having worked in role-play, forum theatre, coaching & development, and facilitated learning in both public & private sectors. Topics have spanned performance management techniques, diversity training, personal development, conflict resolution, communication skills and effective appraisals.

Find out more about Damian


Art helps people to engage in complicated issues on their own terms and with an enduring sense of meaning. Altogether Different has partnerships with a number of galleries and artists: if you’d like to discuss ways that your organisation could start proactive conversations about diversity and inclusion, internally and externally, we can work with you to develop the ideal setting and theme. Sometimes the best way to engage is through doing, so you can even involve your team in creating the art, from taking pictures on a smartphone to creative writing.

Film Screenings

Altogether Different regularly partners with independent filmmakers and cinemas to run screenings on diversity related topics. Why not get the team together to watch an inspiring film about the world around us, followed by a Q&A with the Director?

Out There Ideas


Bring the outside in.

Ideas Lab

Inclusive teams are best for innovation. Get first hand evidence of the power of diversity, engage your team and unlock fresh ideas.

Ideas Labs are offsite experiences where small groups of people team up to solve diversity-based challenges. The challenges can be hypothetical but the experience of working together, being open to ideas and backgrounds and coming up with practical ideas for new world challenges is real.


The experience can be tailored to your team’s individual context. Think of it as team bonding meets immersive tour meets idea-generation for the changing world around us.

e.g. in our last Ideas Lab session in Peckham, we set the following challenge:

There is currently an empty shop at 132 Rye Lane. Based on the surroundings and opportunities identified, come up with a sustainable environment-friendly business that focuses on making a profit whilst including local communities.


Sometimes the best place to start is through one-on-one conversations with someone you can trust. Delivered by Charlotte Butler, Altogether Different offers flexible consultancy to suit every budget, to help talk through your unique situation and suggest ways to turn your diversity challenges into a culture with inclusion and innovation at its heart.

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